Additional equipment


Смеситель поточный JetMix

The JetMix mixing system uses a pump to withdraw a small portion of the process fluid and re-introduce it into the pipeline, in the form of high velocity jets at a point upstream of the sampling system.  

A JetMix has no pressure-drop and is designed in accordance with the Annexe A (ISO 3171) calculations to provide mixing across a wide range of flow rates for applications like marine loading/unloading.

Смеситель статический C1/C2

In applications where there is a limited flow turn-down (typically less than 4:1), a static mixer may have a sufficiently low pressure-drop and provide enough mixing at all flow rates to comply with the standards. Static mixers supplied by Jiskoot are supported by C1/C2 and pressure drop estimates.


The CanWeigh is an intrinsically safe electronic weighing system designed to measure the mass of samples collected in up to two sample receivers. This measured mass is compared with the expected mass of sample by the control system during the batch and can be used to provide the performance factor measurements required by the sampling standards.