Jiskoot sampling system designer

Sampler installation area

Jiskoot samplers are suitable for installation either on mainline or bypass. Jiskoot Probe series samplers are used for mainlines and Cell samplers are used on bypass.


Process pressure

Any existed sampler series may be used at a pressure less than 50 Bars. 210 series P (pneumatic) and EH (electro-hydraulic) models are suitable for a pressure more than 50 bars. For process pressure more than 100 bars you have to use 210 series P-HP or EH-HP sampler models


Sample receiver type is selected depending on the fluid type. PR models are used for oil or mazut. CPC constant pressure receivers allow to collect sample at the same pressure as line pressure. CPC is a very good choice for condensate, light hydrocarbons and similar products sampling.

PR sample receivers could be supplied along with can weigh system which signals to change to the sample flow to the reserved sample receiver. Besides, can weigh system allows for continuously volume control inside the receivers.

Constant pressure receivers automatic changeover is made as a signal from 80% proximity sensors is received by the changeover valve. 4% proximity sensor allows to control receiver filling start.

System type

Standard Jiskoot sampling system includes 1 off sampler and 2 off sample receivers. One of the receivers may be used as standby or as duty along with the other one if the sample is collected constantly.

Besides, you can use a dual sampling system with a standby sampler by serial or parallel installation.

You may choose manual or automatic valves actuated by proximity sensors or can weigh system signal in order to change from one receiver to another.

System mounting type

Jiskoot sampling systems may be mounted on a frame or inside a cabinet. A frame allows to reduce the costs and it is recommended when installation space is limited. Cabinet mounted system allows to protect the equipment from external actions including climatic which is very suitable for most of our clients.


Optional equipment

Along with standard items we offer optional equipment and services:

Static mixer: It's needed if the distance between site and sampling system is less than 5D. The mixer homogenizes the flow and significantly improves taken grabs representativity.

Heater: if the process flow temperature is less than ambient temperature we recommend to install a heater.

Manual sample point: allows to take samples manually.

Door alarm: signals id operator forgets to close the cabinet. It allows to avoid any unauthorized access to the cabinet.

Spares kit: to avoid equipment failures it is necessary to make routine inspection and parts replacement which wear is unavoidable, e. g. О-rings. We suggest you include spare kits to the list of the equipment supplied and it will save your time in case of maintenance.

Laboratory mixer: Frequently, the time between the batch sampling and its laboratory analysis is sufficiently long for some heavy fractions, e. g. water, to separate. Jiskoot laboratory mixers allows to mix samples in the sample receiver before the analysis take place. ShearMix mixer model is used for CPC series receivers and LabMix for the PR type.

FAT: your company specialists can visit Jiskoot facilities to participate in Factory acceptance tests.