High flying crude blender heads East 27.04.2011

High flying crude blender heads East

Camerons Jiskoot Quality Systems has successfully supplied a crude oil blender which is to be installed on a cross country pipeline in Asia.

This unique system, which measures at 7.5m x 2m x 3m and weighs 12.5 Tonnes, will blend, in real-time, a high wax crude oil, which requires rapid injection into another operators pipeline. The skid mounted system was supplied with an integrated control system and a performance guarantee.

The extraordinary blender is able to blend high wax crudes by incorporating the patented Jiskoot JetMix and analysis system. It allows for the blending of the two crudes and guarantees that the final blended oil is fully homogenous and above the wax point at all times. The JetMix system exerts high shear mixing energy at exactly the required rate, whilst introducing no pressure drop into the main pipeline thus preventing any restriction to pumping operations. The JetMix system also provides a homogenous flow to the on-line viscosity measurement system. This guarantees accurate and repeatable viscosity measurement which is critical in ensuring that the blended crude is constantly produced to the desired specification.

Due to space limitations at the Jiskoot premises, the blender had to be air lifted above the Jiskoot building using a crane. Though the operation took over 3 hours, it was deemed a success, considering the size and weight of the blender.

Jiskoot were selected to execute this contract due to their expertise in the design, manufacture and supply of crude oil blenders, particularly for heavy, viscous and waxy crude oils.